Camaal Reid


Camaal Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and plays soccer for Sporting Central Academy.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do?

A: Sit down and watch football

Q: What drives you to be successful?

A: To see my family struggle so those things drive me

Q: Who is your favorite athlete of all time?

A: Ronaldo

Q: Why are you unique?

A: I am unique because I love what I do and I work hard

Q: What are your future aspirations?

A: To be a professional footballer and play overseas

Q: What is the best compliment you have ever received?

A: I get a lot of compliments but the one that stands out is good game

Q: What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours?

A: Cricket

Q: When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

A: At the start of certain Derby match

Q: What is satisfying about your sport?

A: It makes you learn a lot and it brings you places as well as clearing your mind while playing

Q: Are you trying to succeed or avoid failure?

A: I am trying to succeed

Q: Do you get the support you deserve?

A: At times

Q: Do you think sport is good preparation for life?

A: Of course

Q: Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

A: God is my hero because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything

Q: What has been one of your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?

A: Playing for my country


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